Should you include a price page on your website?

Should you add pricing to your website?
on Fri 31 Jul

It’s a very British thing to do - not to discuss money. How uncouth! How uncomfortable. But in the business world it’s accepted that you need to discuss it to earn it. So why when a website is the window to a business do opinions differ so greatly on whether to include a Price Page or not?

If your customers do not use price as part of the consideration process or if price is not important, then maybe a Price Page isn't needed. But really, that's rare.

If price in any way influences the decision to get in touch with you over your competitors make sure you talk about prices...


How important is a Price Page?


Next to the Homepage the Price Page is the second most looked at on small business websites hosted on our platform. So it’s obviously an important part of the consideration process.

And not only does it help your customer decide whether they have the right budget available to work with you, but it actually helps you vet your customers; leading to a level of first-stage engagement where both parties already know where they stand. This saves a lot of time and effort and lead to a place where more important things can be discussed.


What are the arguments against a pricing page?


From the concern that you might be undercut by competitors to the fact that some service-based businesses can only provide prices based on bespoke quotes, many arguments are valid. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be overcome.

Rather than be concerned about your competitors, focus your attention on how to showcase why your products or services are worth that little bit more. Tell your story, highlight messaging around quality, include testimonials that reassure just how great you are. Be proud of what you offer. Getting into a price war will only benefit the short-term.

And when it comes to the route of bespoke quotes consider the following:

  • Provide examples of specific projects you have done with the price tag or an average cost
  • Provide price ranges for what you offer. ‘You can expect to spend between x and x’
  • And if it really is too hard to include a price tag, use the Price Page to talk through the process to provide a quote and deliver your service.  Your customers will then at least know what to expect. 

The web as an online high street


With an online presence you have an opportunity to be standing shoulder-to-shoulder to big-brand companies that offer what you do and vie for the same custom. Whether a therapist competing with a large clinic, or a furniture maker competing with John Lewis it’s an opportunity you can also maximise.

A small business offers personality in the way that a larger business struggles to. Include an image of you on your Price Page. Preferably taken whilst you’re working to add to the overall picture of what your customers will be paying for. If your businesses is focused on making things, by showing you at work your customers will understand they’re paying for the workmanship not just the end result.  

Include messages that convey that the strength of your offer, such as ‘state of the art’,  ‘made with loving care’ or ‘provided in a safe and relaxing environment’.

And don't forget the all-important call to action (CTA) on your Price Page. What do you want visitors to do next? Should they call you to arrange a quote? Download a catalogue? Sign-up to your mailing list for discounts? Have a think about what will suit your business best.  

And link from your Price Page to the About Us Page. Make it personal.

Ultimately, by including a Price Page you’re showing that you understand your customer’s consideration journey. Use it as an opportunity - a chance to show what you do, how you do it and how you will work with them.




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